Enabling process innovation using Low-code techniques

Find out how HP Enterprise and Thomas Cook are using Low-code technology to fast-track innovation and CX improvements.

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To innovate you must experiment – which is not always easy to do, particularly if you need IT enablement. In this webinar we explore how to enable process innovation without programming.

Key topics

  • How to overcome the most common barriers to process innovation
  • Customer case study:
  • How Thomas Cook escaped an 18 month IT queue to fix burning CX issues
  • Demonstration – MATS Low-code platform in action
  • Customer case study:
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise – applying Low-code to lean management
  • Questions, answers and discussion
Hewlett Packard
Case study

For a company who's mantra is innovation, it’s tough to find an off-the-shelf portfolio management solution that allows you to evaluate, launch and control nearly 300 lean projects per year. They used MATS to custom build a solution in 7 weeks start-to-finish and MATS is now established as the heart of their innovation labs in Palo Alto and India.

Case study

Thomas Cook had a great idea for improving customer service, but an 18-month wait in the IT queue. They built a mobile-first customer complaints system, using a test and learn methodology, in less than 2 months.