IT in the age of the customer: how to deliver more applications, faster

IT in the gae of the customer
Four strategies for speeding IT delivery – and one option to avoid at all costs

In large organisations, IT functions are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The vast majority of budget and resources is dedicated to maintaining legacy hardware and software estates, and to managing the vital, back-office applications that the business runs on. But at the same time, there’s never been more demand from the business for digital apps and services.

The business needs these new apps and services to win, serve and retain customers, but IT has limited resources to deliver them. And with modern digital skills in short supply, new developer talent is hard – and expensive – to come by.

This eBook explores four of the most commonly-advocated solutions – and warns against choosing a fifth option that will only serve to diminish IT’s role in the innovation process. We hope it provides a useful digest of the options available to you as you navigate the transition to a new era of fast-paced, agile, and customer-centric IT delivery.

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