Innovation & Low-code Forrester & Mott MacDonald talk

Nigel Warren speaks to Christian Checkley and Clay Richardson to get the latest news on MATS


A new partnership between MatsSoft and Mott MacDonald is bringing fresh thinking and faster digital ways of working to global clients.

Low-code development platforms enable faster and less technical ways to build web and mobile applications. That’s the theory. What’s the reality? In this deep-dive conversation with Forrester Research and MATS customer Mott MacDonald we reveal:
  • How Mott MacDonald built and deployed a grant approval application in 6 weeks which is used by 152 local authorities across England
  • The three key components that make Low-code development 5-10 times faster than traditional development
  • How quickly people can learn to use a Low-code platform like MATS
  • What advantages Low-code platforms provide compared to BPM solutions?
  • Best practices for managing Low-code projects
  • Clay dispels three common held myths about Low-code